Abundance of Natural Resources, Human Capital and Ambitious Population Will Help Create Tech Manufacturing Ecosystem in East India, Says Dharmendra Pradhan | Odisha News | Latest Odisha News


New Delhi: Minister of Steel, Oil and Natural Gas, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan spoke today at the webinar on “Making East India a Manufacturing Center for Metallurgical Industries », Organized by the Indian Institute of Metals. The webinar brought together experts from the metals industry, officials from the Ministry of Steel, and state government officials.

Shri Pradhan, speaking on the occasion, said the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was working on the mission of bringing eastern India to the same level as other developed regions of the country. With skilled human capital, an abundance of natural resources, and an ambitious population, eastern India is poised to create a technology-driven manufacturing ecosystem. He said that very few nations are blessed with the abundance of natural resources as much as eastern India. He spoke in detail about the Purvodaya Mission also launched in the steel sector and its potential to spur a new era of development in eastern India. He also referred to the efforts of the Indian government to boost logistics infrastructure in eastern India, including inland waterways. Shri Pradhan spoke about the rich heritage of architecture, maritime economy and also industrial development in East India and said the time has come to reclaim this glory.

Speaking of sustainable development, Shri Pradhan said that development and ecology can coexist. He spoke of the leadership provided by Shri Narendra Modi in moving towards a greener future for the world. He said governments should promote industrial development alongside sustainable development, and policies should be more respectful of people, businesses and the environment. He asked the Indian Institute of Metals to help create greener, cleaner and therefore more sustainable products around “green steel”.

Speaking about industrial revolution 4.0, he said that we must seize the opportunity and create new innovative and sustainable business models.

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