British Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils financial strategy for the year



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Top business leaders arrive at Mansion House as British Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils his financial strategy for the year.

TODAY it looks like no top UK politician can give a speech without someone making sure the content is revealed in advance.

This is exactly what happened with Rishi Sunak, who was due to deliver his first speech at Mansion House today (July 1), considered to be the key political speech of the Chancellor’s year.

According to BBC he intended to announce that he would make the UK the most ‘advanced and exciting’ financial services center in the world, even as Amsterdam succeeded London as the largest financial trading center in the world. Europe when the Brexit changes finally took effect.

The full speech was actually posted on Twitter by Treasury with teasers several hours before the Mansion House event and contained a number of promises and statements of intent.

Steps will be taken to ensure that companies report the environmental effects of their operations and what they plan to do to mitigate long-term damage through the new built-in sustainability disclosure requirements.

He also pledged that Britain will be able to compete on a level playing field with members of the European Union, especially in the financial sector, but also confirmed that the United States is now one major financial markets in Great Britain and that positive discussions are underway with China.

He looks to the future with young leaders and entrepreneurs taking the stage and said, “As the baton passes to a new generation of finance leaders, I am optimistic about the future. Ambitious at home. Confident internationally ”,

Adding that he comes “with a plan to make this country the most advanced and exciting financial services center in the world for decades to come, creating prosperity at home and projecting our values ​​abroad.”

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