How can mobile be used to grow your financial portfolio? – By: Chad Pankewitz, CEO of Coinage


The use of mobile and smartphone capabilities is embedded in many different market sectors for a variety of reasons. Some of the most obvious are fast access, connectivity, and portability. People can connect with each other in different countries and in different time zones, whenever they want. While mobile helps people keep tabs on their social circle, it can also help people keep tabs on personal things, such as their finances. Mobile integrates the need for money management and investment decision processing in a more accessible and portable way. Now, it only takes a few clicks to locate and manage valuable investment information and transactions.

Transition from traditional financial planning to mobile financial planning

Smartphones have put extremely powerful tools in our hands for some time and have now transformed the way we manage our finances, from mobile banking, bill paying, credit score checking to credit card payments. automated subscription. It allowed us to take more time to focus on the other priorities in our life. With this new adoption, automated investing and wealth management has become one of the biggest advancements in recent years. Many of the world’s largest brokers have now released apps using “robo-advisors,” which are apps that allow the novice investor to navigate the investment market. It is also becoming common for traditional financial planners to implement robo-advisor platforms for their clients. In doing so, planners are relieved of the task of choosing investment assets, so that they can focus more on individual personal finance issues.

The majority of the population has different expectations of product offerings, given that they live in a predominantly digital world. Financial advisers and wealth managers need to adapt to this to stay relevant. Investment apps help users keep track of real-time information, as well as easily manage existing investments and choose new ones wisely. New independents like Improvement have already accumulated more than $ 10 billion in assets under management. Using wireless technology to access trading platforms allows trades to be executed instantly, without the need to be at a desk or computer. It also opens the door for investment in the digital cryptocurrency economy. Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in today’s financial and economic world, with a majority of companies implementing it in one way or another.

Benefits of investment applications

What makes these apps and platforms so beneficial? The most successful are those who tackle characteristics of user “pain points”, such as ease of use, high cost, confusion, and information overload. These platforms use in-app messages and updates to educate users on the importance of staying in the investment space despite volatile market fluctuations. Robots algorithms are tailored to users’ tolerance for risk and are used as the basis for creating a diversified portfolio. The user experience is simple and easy to use, at a level that fosters confidence and allows the user to feel empowered to make an informed decision. Users can trade on the go without being locked out to a machine or location, or without working during traditional merchant hours.

Many apps offer users the option of using a single portfolio view, where the latest trends show users a holistic perspective of their investment portfolio without having to use multiple apps. It is in this aspect of the organization that intelligent integrated applications excel. News is also personalized based on user profile and preferences to provide information specifically targeted for an enhanced experience. Access is instant for deposit and withdrawal, allowing users to perform these actions 24/7 in a fast and efficient manner. Millennials are also more likely to invest at earlier stages when they do so on a smartphone. This tackles the very relevant problem of younger generations not investing their money, which hinders their ability to grow it over time.

Mobile has transformed the way people communicate with each other, access the Internet and move from place to place. Every year there are significant advances in software capabilities on which the economic and financial fields have the capacity to capitalize. Technology has always been a staunch supporter of finance, and now, with the move towards a digital economy, developers are going one step further. By integrating mobile and investing, it is more likely that a higher percentage of the population will participate, due to higher engagement and increased accessibility. Even though the technology is still in development, it is only just beginning. New entrants into the financial space now have many possible avenues for managing investments. The power is now back in the hands of the consumer, with increased accessibility and control over their assets.


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