How great is the Knicks’ long-term financial strategy?



Whether RJ Barrett is at the forefront of their financial decision-making or targeting a player like Zion Williamson down the road, the team will have plenty of funds at their disposal if needed. Just take a look at these contracts and their good health for their future endeavors.

How interesting are the Knicks’ contracts for the future?

Alec Burks: 3 years, $ 30 million

Nerlens Noel: 3 years, $ 27.7 million

Derrick Rose: 3 years, $ 43.56 million

Julius Randle: 4 years, $ 117 million (AAV less than $ 30 million per season)

Theoretically, if the team is looking to open up a salary space, they can wipe Burks, Noel and Rose from the books after the 2022-2023 season.

How much will that represent?

The team would add $ 35.77 million, enough to extend RJ Barrett on a max contract or add a big name to complete Randle, who will only be in year 2 of his extension.

The maximum salary from a rookie contract is five years, $ 163 million (could be more if the salary cap continues to rise). However, that would be an ideal scenario for the Knicks, which would point to Barrett becoming an All-NBA level talent that dominates in several ways.

Additionally, the Knicks could eye Williamson, whose contract with the Pelicans ends after the 2022-23 campaign. The Pelicans may offer him the qualifying offer, but the Knicks would have the monetary flexibility to present him with a massive offer. Williamson has already indicated his love for the Knicks and his desire to play in New York, so when his New Orleans contract ends he will have a bit more weight.

Nonetheless, reviewing these contracts opens an exciting door that shows the quality of the front office and how they strategize for the future. Finally, competent management for a franchise lacking leadership.



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