Letter: The well-being of the disadvantaged is an investment in human capital | Letters to the Editor


Regarding the letter “Don’t Let Foreign Aid, Welfare Go Bankrupt” (April 19): This is not a generous welfare system when the Missouri legislature would rather see sick or dead children rather than providing medical care and primary food benefits. assistance program, the supplementary nutritional assistance program, runs out after two or three weeks. I wonder what it costs us not end hunger and poverty in our country.

Ideally, all Americans would have high paying jobs with medical benefits and would never need help. Yet the private enterprise that runs our economy cannot seem to be able to provide such jobs for everyone. Millions of Americans work in dead-end, poverty-paying jobs. They struggle to pay the rent, keep the heat on, and provide medical care and nutritious food for their children, who suffer from toxic stress caused by poverty. Their children go to school hungry, can’t concentrate, get into trouble, fail and eventually drop out. They are children crushed by despair, who find themselves without qualifications and without a job, and often end up in prison. This is the cost.

How much does it cost our economy and our society to throw out so many thousands of children? Food aid and medical care are not unnecessary “welfare” but wise investments in our human capital and a better America for all of us.

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