Maduka Wins Legendary SRTV Award for Investing in Human Capital Development


Dr Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba) was yesterday in Lagos honored by the organizers of the SRTV Legendary Awards 2020.

Young Umuchukwu, Anambra state-born medical expert and famous philanthropist joined residents of Lagos to celebrate this year’s legendary SRTV awards, which were held at Festival hotels in the city of Festac.

Maduka, Okosisi Orumba, who received the award in recognition of his selfless service and continued investment in human capital development over the decade, expressed enthusiasm for such an honor bestowed upon him today. He is committed to continuing his exceptional service to God and to humanity.

On the pitch to entertain the guests at the awards ceremony, there was the Cultural Dance Group of the Ohaneze Ndigbo Lagos Branch Women’s Wing, who were delighted with melodious cultural performances. There were also speeches from resource persons and other facilitators.

According to Ing. Obinna Okafor, Dr Maduka’s special assistant on media and strategic communications, said her boss Dr Maduka continued to be identified as a friend and ambassador for young people. “He has been tireless in projects that favor young people and will be ready to step up these humanitarian exploits if he has the opportunity to take over the leadership of Anambra State,” he added.

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