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The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) on Friday expressed its willingness to partner with the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti for the development of human capital.

The Director General of NITDA, Mr. Kashifu Inuwa, expressed his will when Dr. Hephzibah Oladebeye, the Rector and some of the institution’s senior staff visited the agency in Abuja.

Inuwa said the greatest resource in a digital or knowledge-based economy is the development of human capital, adding that NITDA is willing to work with the institution to encourage capacity building.

“Adopting capacity building is a process that would encourage retention of skills, knowledge, tools and use of equipment.

“We encourage collaboration in capacity building, provide infrastructure and a symbiotic partnership.

“At NITDA, we see higher education institutions as partners where we can harness resources and NITDA is looking for a partnership where students can be challenged to come up with emerging technologies that would enable job creation and promoting entrepreneurship, ”he said.

He said the agency readily supports the polytechnic to encourage creativity, practical skills and entrepreneurship.

Inuwa stressed that no country is totally dependent on creating white-collar jobs for its graduates, but students should be encouraged to own their own businesses even before they graduate.

According to him, in 2020, China converted some of its schools into skills training centers with the aim of producing entrepreneurs and innovators.

“In the United States, Silicon Valley is mainly served by StandFord and other surrounding universities, BOSTON taps into the resources of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“Based on MIT’s latest alumni report, they said alumni had more than 30,000 active businesses and these companies employed more than four million people worldwide generating annual revenue of more than two trillion dollars.

“We can also explore this type of education system,” said Inuwa.

While advocating focusing on building a generation of experts in IT and other industries, the CEO said the polytechnic should be seen as a machine room to produce worthy entrepreneurs for the agency collaboration.

Previously, Dr Oladebeye had identified the need for NITDA interventions in two distinct areas, including the provision of a wide area network (WAN) with robust internet protocol hosting and e-learning facilities to help develop the institution in the field of ICT.

According to the rector, these requirements are in line with the mandate of the head of the public service of the federation to digitize all academic institutions in the country.

He said the institution is currently running different skill-building programs that would enable collaboration.

The rector also pledged that the school would ensure the sustainability of any infrastructure provided by NITDA and incorporate a feedback mechanism between the two institutions.

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