Oracle Updates Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management Solution


Enterprise software giant Oracle has unveiled a wave of updates for its Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management solution. The new portal focuses on team skills, performance review capabilities and an employee listening solution.

The Team Skills Center is a new feature in Oracle Dynamic Skills that provides managers with a centralized location to review, assign, and manage skill development within their teams. This capability is intended to help managers identify risks and close skill gaps in a timely manner, according to the company’s statements.

Meanwhile, the all-in-one reviews feature works in Oracle Performance Management to allow managers to see their entire team in one view, for example around skills or performance ratings, and evaluate against expected criteria or standards.

Finally, Oracle Touchpoints is an employee listening solution that runs inside Oracle ME, the HR technology provider’s employee experience platform. With this tool, managers can continuously capture, track, and act on employee sentiment, and employees and their managers can communicate in a way Oracle claims is “quick and natural.”

Organizations and employees are demanding more from their managers than ever before, said Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM, in a press release. “To meet these demands, these leaders must know their teams better than anyone else in order to prevent burnout, identify skill gaps and opportunities, and provide guidance for growth and career.”

The latest updates give employees “a stronger voice and give managers advanced visibility into their teams so they can take the necessary steps to better guide their teams to success,” Cameron added.

Ultimately, Oracle’s new updates focus on what is becoming one of the most important relationships in the workplace: managers and employees.

“The best models for implementing a positive employee experience start at the top with full buy-in from senior leaders, but to be successful, these programs require the active participation of managers at all levels,” said Holger Mueller, vice-president. President and Principal Analyst. , Constellation research.

“Where many of these programs fail is when managers lack the knowledge they need to fully support each of their individual employees,” he added.


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