The first 4-day health experiment ends in bankruptcy


A patient receives a hearing aid.

switch to a four day work day It’s become a massive success story for companies that have decided to cut their employees’ working hours, but not for everyone. British healthcare company herefocus announced that he entered bankruptcy just a few months after agreeing to be part of the pilot program 4 day week, Who is studying whether this new formula can be effective on the British labor market.

company of cardiff Specialized in the operation of hearing tests and the marketing of hearing aids informs its customers that it has started Procedure for the “liquidation” of your business, Since last September 23, it is no longer possible to buy any of its products. “HireFocus has unfortunately ceased to be marketing and No other orders will be accepted.”He indicated.

The water company was immersed in this pilot program of four day trip Developed in collaboration with other similar initiatives United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or Israel. They had already completed the preparation, training and research phase, while a six-month trial period began in June with the adaptation of their staff. 80% working hours. However, he only accomplished half of that.

Despite this stoppage, the first opinion on the outcome of the four-day session was positive. A follow-up survey showed that 88 percent Companies participating in the pilot project in the UK have acknowledged that short hours work wellCompared to 2% who encountered problems in the first weeks of its implementation.

A 4-day shift is productive

The survey also revealed some interesting data on how businesses operate. 46% of respondents admitted that Productivity remains at the same level After reducing one day of the working week, 34 percent saw a slight improvement, while 15 percent said the level had increased significantly.

Because of this optimism, most managers have already announced their intention to maintain the new working arrangements after the end of the pilot tests. 86% of companies are definitely considering implementing the new schedule.

More people participated in the program 70 British companies They relate to employment 3,300 employees in different production areas. The key to the initiative is to reduce working time by up to 80% while keeping full Both wage compensation and productivity. In addition to health experiences, the group includes professions as diverse as technology consulting, job search, construction, translation, engineering or 3D modeling.

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